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Hannah's House Mother

"Our women's group is led by an exceptional leader, Susan. Sometimes it feels like she is the only person who actually sympathizes and empathizes with our struggles. When she brought in the sessions of self care to our women's group, it really hit home that she listens to our needs of wanting to take care of ourselves. Yet, not really knowing how to because of the daily constraints, stresses, and financial difficulties that we women face in our transitional co-parenting endeavors. The monthly yoga, aroma therapy, and massages are sessions that I have never missed. I find myself going through multiple emotions when we have our yoga sessions because as a single parent who has sole legal and physical custody of my two young sons, I never seem to find time for myself. I have shed tears during my yoga sessions because I get emotional knowing that Susan and the yoga instructors have taken my personal needs into consideration."

Hannah's House Mother May 14, 2019