Programs and Services

Our goal is to help your family make a successful transition through your family change process. We provide support through each stage of the family change, including a breakup/family change process from the trauma of a separation or an unexpected loss/challenge to a new and effective family structure. We help with affordable and accessible family therapies and services tailored to your family needs.

For family court we provide supervised visitation and safe exchange services. For all of our families, we provide education, training and therapy to help parents succeed in becoming the best possible parent and co-parent they can. We help children learn the skills and competencies they need to happily navigate the family changes. We create peace in the families we serve and in the communities in which we all live.

If you need a service that is unique to your family situation, please talk with us about that, and we will work to provide the support you need.

Our services include:


Supervised Visitation and Safe Exchange

Full range of therapies specifically designed for families in transition due to unexpected life changes or losses;

Individual educational classes conducted by therapists:

  • Co-Parenting, Emotion/Anger Management,
  • Positive Parenting
  • Infant/Toddler Care
  • Teen Care
  • High Conflict Co-parenting Therapy (Individual & Co-parenting Couple)
  • Parent Coordinator
  • Child-in-the-middle individual therapy (8-13)
  • Mom's House/Dad's House Play Therapy for young children 3-7
  • Home Studies (for parents exiting prison, long-term treatment, custody hearings)
  • Home Safety Checks (for parents inexperienced in parenting young children)
  • Random Home Welfare Checks (for substance abusing parents)
  • Reunification Therapy (offered in agency, home, and community)
  • Forensic Substance Use Disorder Assessments and Individual Adult Counseling
  • Free Weekly Support Groups for Moms, Dads, Children 2-13
  • Human-Animal Bond Services to facilitate visitation, exchange and therapy services
  • Family Resource Center providing free monthly co-parenting workshops, family art projects for agency and home, and an individualized referral program for medical, dental, transportation, housing, child care, employment, furniture, clothing, infant and toddler furnishings and supplies, and other needs of our Hannah’s House families.

All services at Hannah’s House are individualized to the needs of the family, so please ask questions and tell us what you need.

We provide child-centered supervised visitation and safe exchange services to children and parents who are coping with a family breakup.

Please complete the following 2 Home Kids screening form here to request our services.

Our Mission

We are committed to creating and preserving peace in the 2 Home families we serve so that we can all work together to create a greater peace in our society.

Our History

Since 1988 we have dedicated ourselves to creating peace in families coping with a breakup. 2 Home Kids — supervised visitation and safe exchange — is our original program, serving over 28,000 San Diego families.

Scope of Services

Agency-based services are available to all families. Visits start and end at the facility. Home and community based services are available to many families depending on the security level of the case. Our goals are to improve the co-parenting relationship and to help families learn the skills necessary to become successful 2 Home families.

Please complete the 2 Home Kids screening form above.

Some families need help with transferring property from one house to the other after a family breakup. The transfer may be court-ordered but the court doesn’t address how such transfers will be handled -- Bridges can help with that. Some families need a Home Safety Check of a new home or a home where the children have never visited -- Bridges can help with that.

How We Help

  • Property Transfers
  • Gift Transfers
  • Mail Service to assist with gifts to and from a distant parent
  • Home Safety Checks
  • Home Studies
  • Home Welfare Checks
  • Hospital Visitations
  • Facilitated Family Visitations
  • Home-based Parent and Co-Parent Coaching/Education
  • Home-based Infant/Toddler Care Coaching/Education
  • Home-based Family Therapy / Parent Child Interactive therapy


Staff selected for this program are highly trained and experienced Team Members with advanced training; they meet the very highest standards of professionalism.

Staff are required to participate in regular ongoing continuing education, consultation, and case presentations.

Therapists are licensed or license-eligible registered therapist associates, interns, and trainees.

Please complete the Bridges screening form above.

We are the clinical therapy program of Hannah's House, a nonprofit social impact organization which provides a network of support that brings peace to the lives of children challenged by complex family transitions.

Parents and children need and deserve care and support when coping with the challenges of family separation, divorce, paternity, custody, visitation, and other unexpected losses and challenges of family life. The Transitions Program was created to offer comprehensive therapeutic services to assist family members of all ages and needs to make successful transitions when facing challenging changes in the family.

FREE ONLINE Support Groups

No commitment required.

Moms ONLINE Support Group – Fridays, 5:30-7 pm

(Children's group are temporarily unavailable.)

Dads ONLINE Support Group – Wednesdays, 5:30-7 pm

(Children's group are temporarily unavailable.)

Our Services

All services are individualized to meet the needs of each parent, child, couple, and family. All psycho-educational classes are offered individually to ensure that the special needs of each person, couple, or family group are respected and served.

  • Individual (Adult OR Child) Therapy
  • Couples Therapy
  • Therapeutic Supervised Visitation
  • Family Therapy / High Conflict Couples Therapy
  • Parent Coordination / Parent Communication Coach
  • Therapeutic Parent Coaching in the Supervised Visitation Setting
  • One-on-One Co-Parenting OR Parenting Services/Course
  • One-on-One Anger Management Course
  • Substance Use Disorder Assessment
  • Individual Substance Use Disorder Counseling for Individuals, Couples, and Families
  • Facilitated Co-parenting Meetings
  • Co-parent and Parent Coaching
  • Services with our Bridges Family Program: Home Studies / Transitional Services in Home or Community

For more information about therapy and education programs, please complete the Therapy screening form above.

Our Animal Staff is unique! Reptiles, amphibians, bugs, and spiders! Children tend to love them and grown-ups more often than not a little stand-offish or just plain scared 🙂 The children absolutely love handling the animals and teaching their parents all about them. Schedule a Turtle Tour today!



It really is magical to watch the human-animal bond process as a parent and child come together to delight in discovery and the thrill of new experiences.  Our Animal Staff draw family members closer together in these amazing shared experiences that open communication and facilitate deeper engagement with each other.

Hannah's House offers Professional Visitation Monitor Training Courses and professional consultation through our Monitor Assist Program (MAP). Read more about our training program here.

NOTE: Family code 3200 & 3200.5, Standard 5.20 (Uniform standards of practice for providers of supervised visitation) requires 24/40 hour training for professional providers of supervised visitation.

Services Offered

  • 40-hour Intro Training (Classroom and Shadow Practicum) $650
  • 24-hour Classroom Only
  • 16-hour Shadow Practicum
  • Consultation - 30 minutes
  • Consultation - 60 minutes
  • Document Review & Feedback

Additional Information on Services

Professional Visitation Monitor Training - IN PERSON

The class is scheduled for both class time and shadowing time (shadowing our staff offering supervised visitation/safe exchange services). The Training takes place at the Hannah's House location in Kearny Mesa.

CLASS TIME: 24 hours, divided between 3 days

  • Class schedule:
    • Week 1: Tuesday (11am-8pm)
    • Week 2: Tuesday (11am-8pm); Wednesday (8am-5pm)
    • Students are given 1 hour lunch breaks
  • Course Content:
    • Role of a professional provider;
    • Child abuse reporting laws;
    • Record-keeping procedures;
    • Screening, monitoring, and termination of visitation;
    • Developmental needs of children;
    • Legal responsibilities;
    • Cultural sensitivity;
    • Conflicts of interest;
    • Confidentiality;
    • Issues relating to substance abuse, child abuse, sexual abuse, and domestic violence; and
    • Basic knowledge of family and juvenile law.
  • A Final Test will be give on the last day of class.


  • After the class time, you will be asked to sign up for shadowing time (from pre-determined list of dates and times). You will come in on scheduled dates and times and will be assigned to shadow a staff member.
    • NOTE: Sometimes clients might refuse to have a shadower. If this occurs, you will be reassigned to a different case, or will be asked to leave and we can reschedule the hours.
  • Once the shadowing time is complete, a Certificate of Completion will be mailed to the address provided.
    • NOTE: It is each person's responsibility to get on the Professional Providers-Visitation Monitors Court Resource List.

$800 TOTAL - Class & Shadowing Time - 40 hours
$500 - CLASS only (without Shadowing Time) - 24 hours

  • Payment MUST be received when registering for the course - online (home page under Make Payment)
  • In order for the course to take place, there is a required 4 person attendance. If there are not 4 people registered a week before the course, and you have paid your registration, you will be refunded the full fee. The course will be CANCELED and RESCHEDULED.
  • Payment may be made with CREDIT CARD (via: in person, over phone, or online-home page), CASH, MONEY ORDER, or CHECK (note: if a check bounces, you will be required to pay any fees associated for the bounced check).
  • Cost includes: class time, shadowing time, and all materials
    • Course Materials (without taking the course): $89 (printed copy) & $69 (digital copy)

NEXT 3-Day in-person CLASS: 


Please complete the form by clicking the link shown at the top of this section.

San Diego Parenting Helpline

The San Diego Parenting Helpline is a free community resource offered by Hannah’s House.

1-833-OUR-KIDZ (833-687-5439), 7 days/week, 8 a.m.- 8 p.m.

The helpline provides free counseling and assistance for San Diego County families and offers up to one hour of free Telehealth counseling for parents who are new to Hannah's House. Therapists are trained to assist callers dealing with parenting challenges, separation and divorce, co-parenting, mediation. Therapists can answer questions, offer resources and referrals, provide counseling for a wide range of issues, including parenting and co-parenting; child discipline, sibling disputes, and differences in parental approaches to parenting that may be causing a sense of separation between the parents.

Sign Up for a FREE ONLINE Support Group

Learn more about how to improve your co-parenting relationship to meet the needs of your children. Free initial consultation and brief orientation prior to starting group.


Moms ONLINE Support Groups – Mondays and Fridays, 5:30-7 pm

We now offer TWO Moms Online Support Groups, which meet on Mondays and Fridays at 5:30pm.  Our Moms Support groups have been meeting weekly since May 2013. The groups are co-facilitated by two masters level clinicians with our Transitions Family Program, which is a full-service therapy and education program specializing in all matters related to parenting and co-parenting children, whether parents live together or live separately.


Dads Resource and Support Group – Wednesdays, 5:30-7 pm

Dads Resource and Support Group has been meeting weekly since May 2013. We have a combination of dads who have been in the group for 1 year or longer, for several months, for a few months, and new participants. The group is co-facilitated by two masters level clinicians with our Transitions Family Program, which is a full-service therapy and education program specializing in all matters related to parenting and co-parenting children, whether parents live together or live separately!


Parenting Power Hour – Thursdays at noon.

Parenting Power Hour is a FREE weekly community resource, available to all San Diego County parents seeking tips for positive parenting strategies. The meeting is Hosted by Susan Griffin, Licensed Family Therapist and Executive Director of Hannah’s House. Topics include parenting strategies for all parents, whether living together or apart; how to peacefully share parenting responsibilities when parents disagree on how to protect and teach their children; parenting tips for healthy emotional development for babies & toddlers; managing screen time for ‘kids of all ages” and much more.

NOTE: The Parenting Power Hour is currently closed.


Kids Only Book Club – 10:15 am-10:45 am, Thursdays weekly

Kids Only Book Club is a FREE community resource created to provide a break and bright spot for all busy parents in San Diego County. Join Miss Susan as she hosts this weekly fun and interactive read-aloud book club for kids! Kids are invited to color pictures as they listen along. The sessions are recorded and can be seen on Hannah's House YouTube channel here.


Co-parenting Workshop ONLINE – 4th Saturday of each Month

Co-Parenting Workshop is a FREE community resource for all San Diego County parents. Positive parenting can be challenging and positive co-parenting even more challenging sometimes! There are many expected and unexpected family changes and losses that can overwhelm the coping skills of parents and children. Learning to peacefully co-parent is an essential skill for all parents, whether living together or apart. Join us the 4th Saturday of every month to receive co-parenting tips and learn how to transition peacefully through the changes in your family. New topics each month:

  • May 22: Our Family is Changing - Dad's House Mom's House
  • June 26: I Have Challenges, Too - Parental Substance Use & Mental Health
  • July 24: Hands & Words are for Kindness - Talking to Our Children About Parental Conflict
  • August 28: What Do Our Children See and Hear? Navigating Parental Disagreements


Animal-assisted Parent/Child Interaction (by appointment)

NOTE: The Animal-assisted Interaction groups will be coming back soon.


For more information about therapy and education programs, please contact us via email here.

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