Monitor Assistance Program - Other Services

Consults (to monitors or attorneys) ($50/hour)

  • A one-on-one appointment scheduled in advance with a MAP representative. Discuss issues, get advice or guidance on a case/situation.

Consults - Text or Email ($10 each)

  • Have quick questions about a case? Sign up for this service and you can receive text or email responses from a MAP representative in a few minutes.

Memorandum Review - feedback/edit ($30)

  • Need a second set of eyes on a memorandum you are planning on sending out? Have a MAP representative review, edit, and provide you any feedback.

Report Review - Feedback/Edit ($50)

  • Reports are a big part of professional supervised visitation services! Have a MAP representative review, edit and provide you with feedback.

ALL Templates ($25)

  • Receive templates for all documents used by our 2 Home Kids (Supervised Visitation/Safe Exchange Program), which includes:
    • Court Report
    • Memorandum
    • Activity Reports - for all services (Used to document visits/exchanges)
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