FREE Parenting Resources for all parents in SD community

Parenting Power Hour:  Free weekly community resource, available to all San Diego parents seeking tips for positive parenting strategies! Hosted by Susan Griffin, Licensed Family Therapist and Executive Director of Hannah’s House, every Thursday from 12:00-1:00 p.m. Topics include parenting strategies for all parents, whether living together or apart; how to peacefully share parenting responsibilities when parents disagree on how to protect and teach their children; parenting tips for healthy emotional development for babies & toddlers; managing screen time for ‘kids of all ages” (which includes parents!) and much more. Register for your space at this free parenting webinar here by Wednesday evening(s) and Hannah’s House will email the webinar link to you.

Kids Only Book Club: this FREE community resource was created to provide a break and bright spot for all busy parents in San Diego County. Join Miss Susan as she hosts this weekly fun and interactive read-aloud book club for kids!  Kids are invited to color pictures as they listen along. RSVP to The sessions are recorded and can be seen on Hannah's House YouTube channel:

Co-Parenting Workshop: FREE community resource for all San Diego parents. Positive parenting can be challenging and positive co-parenting even more challenging sometimes! There are many expected and unexpected family changes and losses that can overwhelm the coping skills of parents and children. Learning to peacefully co-parent is an essential skill for all parents, whether living together or apart. Join us the 4th Saturday of every month to receive co-parenting tips and learn how to transition peacefully through the changes in your family. RSVP at  New topics every month:

  • July 25:  The Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) of Family Breakup.
  • August 22: Which Type of Coparent Are You & What Can You Control?
  • September 26: Co-parenting Communication for Peace and Calm - At Least in Your House!
  • October 24: The Blame Game - A Choice for Conflict and Litigation
  • December 5: Child-Focused Sharing Success for the Holidays
  • January 23, 2021: Shared Parenting with a Difficult Co-parent

The San Diego Parenting Helpline is a free community resource offered by Hannah’s House. 1-833-OUR-KIDZ, 7 days/week, 8 a.m.- 8 p.m.. The helpline provides free counseling and assistance for San Diego families and offers up to one hour of free Telehealth counseling for parents who are new to Hannah's House. Therapists are trained to assist callers dealing with parenting challenges, separation & divorce, co-parenting, mediation. Therapists can answer questions, offer resources and referrals, provide counseling for a wide range of issues, including parenting and co-parenting; child discipline, sibling disputes, and differences in parental approaches to parenting that may be causing a sense of separation between the parents.

Moms Online Support Group: this Open Support Group has been meeting weekly since May 2013. We have a combination of moms who have been in the group for 1 year or longer, for several months, for a few months, and new participants. The group is co-facilitated by two masters level clinicians with our Transitions Family Program, which is a full-service therapy and education program specializing in all matters related to parenting and co-parenting children, whether parents live together or live separately! RSVP at