Join us at Hannah’s House the 3rd Saturday of every month to provide education and co-parenting tips for members of the Hannah’s House community and members of the larger community. One of our most important goals is to improve co-parenting relationships and to create positive improvements in family life for families who are struggling with difficult and complex changes in family life.

There are many expected and unexpected family changes and losses that can overwhelm the coping skills of parents and children. Family separation, mental illness, substance abuse, health concerns, loss of job, loss of home, and even death threaten the healthy balance of family life.

For these reasons, we offer a Free Co-parenting Workshop the 3rd Saturday of every month in our Community Room from 10 am - 12 pm. RSVP for the workshop today: [email protected]

We also offer a Free Dads Group every Wednesday night form 6 - 7 pm. And, there is Free Moms Group every Friday night from 5:30 - 7 pm.

We offer a Free Arts & Animals Children’s Group at the same time as both the Dads Group and the Moms Group.