Hannah's Family Helpline Is Now Live!

On April 15, 2020, Hannah’s House launched a Family Helpline, Hannah's Family Helpline. Trained and licensed therapists on the helpline answer calls from parents who need assistance with a range of issues to include family breakup, divorce, substance abuse, domestic violence counseling and navigation through the Family Court/Family Law legal system.

Hannah’s Family Helpline supports parents with any issue that may threaten healthy functioning for parents and for children.  When parents call this helpline, they will leave a message and their call will be returned within one hour by a licensed therapist or master-level therapist trainee from Hannah’s House. This will be a critical service to low-income parents who typically do not have access to therapy and counseling resources, as well as any family in need of virtual services during shelter-in-place orders .

“We especially hope Hannah’s Family Helpline can assist parents who may be struggling in their couple’s relationship right now due to the increased stress from isolation, unemployment, economic uncertainty, health scares and food shortages,” stated Susan Griffin, Hannah’s House Executive Director. “We are offering up to one hour of free Telehealth counseling for parents who are new to Hannah’s House.  Our therapists can answer questions, offer resources and referrals, provide counseling for parenting and co-parenting concerns, as well as any problems that may be stressful for the parents or the entire family.”

Why Now? Hannah’s House realized a helpline service was needed in 2019 for San Diego County and planned to launch this service later in 2020 but the current COVID-19 outbreak pushed Hannah’s House to get this resource out there to families in need. This free helpline offers a safe and convenient way for families to get help without jeopardizing their health by seeking counseling in person.

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