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What services does HH offer?

  • Free Support Groups for Moms, Dads, Kids
  • Free Monthly Co-parenting Workshop
  • Free Introductory Consultation (In-person, Phone, Skype)
  • Free Monthly Art Project (In Agency & Take Home)
  • Free Life Skills Workshop
  • Supervised Visitation
  • Safe Exchange
  • Supervised Phone and Skype Visits
  • Supervised Property Transfers for Co-parents
  • Courses: Co-Parenting, Parenting, Anger Management, Infant/Toddler Care, Teen Challenges/Parent Coordinator
  • Facilitated Co-parenting Meetings
  • Parent & Co-parent Coaching
  • Family Court Services Preparation
  • Parent Coordinator
  • Therapy: Adult, Child, Family
  • Therapy: Family Restructuring
  • Family Estrangement Therapy
  • Family Alienation Therapy
  • Therapeutic Visitation
  • Assessments: Substance Use Disorders, Screen & Internet Use Disorders
  • Parent-Child Readiness for Next Step in Step-up Plans
  • Mail Service for Geographically Distant Parents
  • Self-Help Family Law Center Preparation & Assistance
  • Animal-assisted Parent-Child Interaction
  • Animal-assisted Supervised Visits & Exchanges
  • Individual Resource Matching for Basic Life Needs

Please ask us if you don’t see what you need here!!

How do I get started with court ordered supervised visits?

What documents do I have to provide to start Supervised Visitation?

    • Any current court documents
    • Your Family court services report (If both parties consent to it)
    • Any Domestic Violence filings
    • Any restraining orders
    • Any police reports
    • Your ID
    • Proof of income IF you are court ordered to pay for services:
      1. Copy of the last three (3) pay stubs – must be detailed;
      2. Copy of subsistence check with supporting documentation – Unemployment or Disability;
      3. Copies of the last (3) years tax returns, OR copies of the last (6) month’s bank statements;
      4. Intake packet (this will be provided to you once you complete the online screening form.)

How do I get started with Therapy Classes?

Complete the form by clicking Get Started Here

How do I find other resources I may need?

Complete the form for the Family Resource Center here.

How long does it take to start services?

It varies. Voluntary services usually begin within 2-3 days. We encourage clients and prospective clients to explore our full menu of services as we have offerings for intact families and for families who are experiencing a parental separation. A free consultation can be scheduled, usually same day, by phone, by video chat, or in-person to assist you in learning more about our programs and services.

Any service ordered by the Court cannot begin until the Court order is provided. If the order applies to more than one family member, each member must agree to proceed before services can start.

Free support groups simply require an RSVP for attendance; parents and children can start immediately.

Free monthly Co-parenting Workshop requires an RSVP only.

Free Human-Animal Bond Program Interactive Sessions require an appointment (can usually be scheduled the same day).

For court-ordered visitation and exchange, there are specific screening, intake, and orientation requirements that require completion by both parties prior to starting services. Services can begin within 7- 10 days if both parties complete the required processes in a timely manner.

For therapy, there is a required process for intake that includes an informed consent document processed during an in-person meeting. If a minor child is the client and the parents hold joint legal custody, both parents will be required to sign a Consent to Treat a Minor. For adult therapy or psycho-educational courses, each adult can complete the process as quickly as possible and get started. If services are ordered by the Court, the order must be provided and reviewed by the client(s) and possibly with attorneys to ensure compliance.

For Parent Coordinator, a stipulated agreement that has been ordered by the Court is required prior to starting services. Once the order is available, the initial intake process can be completed with 2-3 days.

Do you allow outside activities for supervised visitation services?

Yes. We do require that the first visit occur inside the agency so that we can observe and document a baseline for the child-parent relationship. If it appears that the relationship is adequate for the parent to keep the child safe in an outside environment, that privilege will be extended for either the second or third visit based on staff experiences and recommendations.

We typically allow outside privileges onsite (back patio play area) on the second visit unless there is a significant behavioral problem on the part of the parent or the child. In some cases, a visit may be held onsite for an extended period, usually when a parent has difficulty following the rules set forth by the California Administrative Rules of Court 5.20 and/or Hannah’s House Rules & Guidelines; or when a child refuses to take guidance and direction from his or her parent. Sometimes a Court Order prohibits outside activities.

Do you allow use of a private vehicle during a visit?

No. Uber and Lyft are allowed, as long as that has been pre-approved.

What outside activities are available for families during supervised visitation?

Our onsite play area has toddler toys, a ping-pong table, a full-sized basketball hoop, and multiple benches, tables and benches. Our families also frequent Boomers, Dave & Busters, Tierrasanta Recreation Center, Tierrasanta and Serra Mesa libraries, movie theaters at Clairemont Square – Mission and Fashion Valley,  Jump facilities in Mira Mesa, and multiple restaurants. HH has a Memorandum of Understanding with the Toby Wells YMCA which is less than a half-mile walk. There are large playing fields, multiple playgrounds, a soccer field, and swimming pool.

How much do services cost?

HH is a private nonprofit organization and we operate based on donations, grants, and client co-pays. Our donations and grants underwrite the costs of services in order to keep co-pays as low as possible. When available through specific grants, we have full underwriting for very low-income families and there is an application process for approval.

The organizations cost to provide 1 hour of services is $130. We offer all services to our clients on a sliding fee scale based on gross monthly income. All client services are subsidized by donations and grants to keep co-pays as low as possible.

The fee range for supervised visits is

  • supervised visits is  $40 - $90 per hour
  • clinical services fee range is $55 - $95 (trainees, interns, associates)
  • clinical services by licensed clinical fee range is $75 - $150 per hour
  • substance use disorder assessments fee range is $1000 - $1800.

And a reminder that we offer free:

  • support groups for moms, dads, and kids;
  • monthly co-parenting workshop;
  • human-animal bond services;
  • resource matching, art projects, and life skills workshops through our Family Resource Center.

Read more about our Free Services here.

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